Ghosts of Albany

Get the Albany ghost experience

Albany is haunted!

Visit one of America’s most haunted locations, Albany, New York. Let us see if we can scare you with stories of ghosts, antique sites, scandalous tales, haunted places, mysterious sightings of apparitions, strange and unusual accounts of centuries past, legendary stories, folklore and ghostly experiences stranger than reality, and ultimately the supernatural intrigues of Albany, New York. Listen to the ghostly encounters of our guides. And you may be surprised by ghost stories told by participants on our tours. Our tales and legends are blended with bits of human interest and historical fact to make us entertaining and educational for tourists and locals alike.


The Lincoln Funeral Train

Abraham Lincoln’s death train has been reported inside New York City’s limits, even inside Grand Central Station, though it did not exist at the time. Before there was a Grand Central, there were rail tracks on Fourth or Park Avenue. In April 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s body began a funeral journey from Washington, D.C., via New…

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Samuel Abbott Still Keeps Watch Over the Capitol

  In March 29, 1911, in the early morning hours, while the New York State Capitol building was empty, a great fire occurred. At this time the New York State library was housed in the building on the 4th and 5th floors where the fire occurred along with the assembly and it was decimated in…

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