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The Lincoln Funeral Train


Abraham Lincoln’s death train has been reported inside New York City’s limits, even inside Grand Central Station, though it did not exist at the time. Before there was a Grand Central, there were rail tracks on Fourth or Park Avenue.

In April 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s body began a funeral journey from Washington, D.C., via New York City to his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Ever since then, in various parts of the nation, the train has been spotted toward dusk on the day it journeyed along for so long.  Since then, a supernatural version has been running ever since.

Some people see a steam train moving slowly away, and with it goes the darkness, the chill and the clouds that obscure the moon. Others claim that they can see inside the train a crew of skeletons. Halfway back in the train is Lincoln’s coffin, surrounded by a crew of blue-coated skeletons. Or the train is simply a blur. It has been reported seen between Twenty-first Street and all the way up to Albany over the original path of the old New York Central Railroad.

Wherever the train passes, the clocks become six minutes late. In Spooky New York, S.E. Schlosser retells the arrival of the Lincoln death train inside Grand Central, which was built after his death.


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