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Did I See a Ghost?


I have been doing ghost walks since 2005 and started an all-year-round ghost company in 2006.  In all these years, I remained a skeptic of the ghostly experience except on two occasions.

In 2005, when I first started doing ghost walks and I still did them personally, I ended a tour at the cellar of Il Buco Restaurant at 47 Bond Street in the East Village.  When Edgar Allan Poe was widowed, he lived here for a time on the second floor and tippled on the first floor where there was a tavern.  The wait staff of the restaurant claimed he was present because an occasional bottle, unopened, would come up short.  We concluded the tour when one of my customers took a group selfie with a newfangled e-camera. We saw an unexplained source of light. I learned something new term that day, an orb. We concluded that it must have been Edgar Allan Poe who wanted to be included in a selfie!

Then last night, Sunday night, 2 September 2018 I had perhaps a supernatural encounter or it could have been a dream.  As I laid down in my bed, I turned to be greeted by my father, in a very sleep tone of voice.  He had a blanket around him.  He greeted me. He said had some words of advice that he would share with me in the morning.  He had died in 1987.  Did I dream it, or did I see a spirit?  What is your opinion?

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