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The Ghostly Albany Library Patron


The Albany Free Library was founded in 1900 and became the Albany Public Library in 1922 following a merger with a publicly-fu8nded branch.  It moved into its current main building in 1977, a former facility operated by the IRS.  It serves to coordinate library resources for the capital region and upper Hudson River Valley area.

Shortly after the central library’s move into its new facility, the library was rumored to have a ghost. There were a certain seat people would complain was too cold or too warm to the touch or they just felt uncomfortable sitting there. It was as if someone else was occupying the seat and did not want to share it. These complaints reached a crescendo around income tax time and went diminished after April 15.

No one was ever able to find out who the ghost was or what was causing the haunting.  When the building was renovated in 2010, there were simply no more hauntings reported.

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